Welcome to Mig Bennett Relationship Counselling

I am a specialist and experienced relationship counsellor working with couples and individuals for over 20 years. I provide relationship counselling services both privately and with Relate, with whom I qualified in 1996, and still work. I am based in Crowborough and generally work with clients from West Kent and East Sussex.

Couples counselling has been described as 'like piloting a helicopter in a hurricane." Hence the absolute necessity for a therapist who is specialist trained, experienced and expert in the skills required. Over 80% of my cases involve the unique dynamic of working with couples.

I also work with individuals and/or their partners where pornography, online sexual encounters or use of sex workers is negatively affecting their lives and relationships. I am working towards a Level 5 Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling through the Institute for Sex Addiction Training (ISAT), one of the only two institutions in the UK providing this qualification.

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and am bound by their ethical framework for good practice.

I am also a student member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC).

I am a General Member of COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) who abides by the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice.

There are any number of reasons why couples seek support and below are just a few that I encounter in my work:

We’re getting married but we have stupid arguments which develop into something nasty.

I want to start a family but he can’t commit to more children and maybe that means not to me.

We’re like flat mates. I want to end it and I need her to hear this because she just isn’t listening.

All we have in common is our thirteen year old and now she’s started criticising me – just like her mother does.

She’s had an affair: I’m angry and now that’s destroying us.

We’ve been separated for a year and want to try again – but not make the same mistakes this time.

My partner wants us to go to gay sex clubs and I’m not as keen. We argue about it.

She’s an alcoholic, although she’s in recovery so it should be better now but it’s not. We are struggling.

He works all hours and I get no support with the house and kids. I’m lonely and resentful.

He’s just retired. We bicker constantly. I’m not sure we like each other anymore.

I’ve watched hardcore porn late into the night for years. My wife’s found out; I’m ashamed but I can’t stop.

He left two days ago. I need to talk to someone.

We’ve neglected ‘us’ since the boys were born. We need help to get back on track and improve things.

I’m having an affair with another woman. How do I tell my husband?

I’m having an affair. She knows and wants me to stay. I wish she’d throw me out. I can’t end the affair but I can’t leave my wife.