“Shortly after lockdown had started, we realised our marriage and sex life was in crisis and had tried to find a solution ourselves, without success. We had approached our GP but that did not solve the problem. Luckily we found Mig who helped us discuss our fears and frustrations about our problems, gently rebuilding our shattered self confidence and trust in each other at a speed led by us. Through careful guidance, we began to realise that our own lives and marriage had been deeply affected by adjusting to retirement for one and work strain for another, as well as caring for two sets of elderly parents and extended family commitments. Over the last 6 months we have learnt to talk openly to each other, so replacing tears, angst and bad temper with a renewed closeness and a positive way forward.”

“These words don’t seem to do you (Mig) justice, we would have liked to have said so much more.”

S and A (2020)