Contact and appointments

Getting help with your relationship is daunting and people put off taking the first steps. But by starting there is usually an immediate sense of relief that something is finally being done and you're not struggling alone.

I work from my home in Crowborough (TN6) just off the A26 and 6 miles south of Tunbridge Wells. Once an appointment has been made I will email you directions. There is off road car parking. Clients, please note, that they park in the car park at their own risk.

It may be possible to arrange sessions using Skype once counselling has started face to face.

You can call my mobile; leave a message if I’m not able to answer and I will get back to you.

Telephone:  07974 822605

Alternatively, drop me an email with brief details and I will respond.


    Some reasons why people have sought my help:

    He works all hours and I get no support with the house and kids. I'm lonely and resentful.

    There's no sex. He's avoiding talking about it. I love him but it can't go on like this.

    He left two days ago. I need to talk to someone.

    I want to start a family but he can't commit to more children and maybe that means not to me.

    I'm having an affair with another woman. How do I tell my husband?

    We're like flat mates. I want to end it and I need her to hear this because she just isn't listening.

    My partner wants us to go to gay sex clubs and I'm not as keen. We argue about it.

    We're getting married but we have stupid arguments which develop into something nasty.

    All we have in common is our thirteen year old and now she's started criticising me - just like her mother does.