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Advice to new parents

I responded to a question from a Female First reader about the affects of a child on a a couple’s sexual relationship.
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Advice to those in emotionally abusive relationships

I explained in Female First the signs to look out for, and what you can do to help.
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Advice on compulsive sexual behaviour

I spoke to Daily Star Online about negative sexual behaviours and when they become a problem.
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Tips for a relationship moving too fast

I spoke to The Fuss online magazine about the worry of getting too serious too quickly and how to slow things down.
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Coping with sex addiction

A live radio interview on Dublin's FM104 where I talk to hosts Cormac Moore and Saoirse Long about coping with sex addiction.
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Can a holiday save a marriage?

I provided a comment to Yahoo! on the affect a holiday (or in the current climate a stay-cation) can have on a couple.
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Maintaining a Happy Relationship During Lockdown

I provided a comment to Alice Broster from Bustle about how structure is key and how creating schedules for yourself like any other normal working week can help.
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Can poo chat with your partner have an impact on your sex life?

I provided a comment to Yahoo! on the affect of openly talking about bathroom habits on a couple's sex life.
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